JW York Homes


J.W. York Homes exists to be a leader in building the next generation of homes.

JW York Homes is a home building team founded by Jared W York and is located in Athens GA. Jared started out as a custom home builder focusing on energy efficient and environmentally friendly home building. Over the years we have grown into a builder of communities and infill projects in the North East Georgia area. We now have communities and new homes for sale that are move in ready in several areas.

Those years of building and innovating on custom projects allowed Jared to create a system of building practices and products that produce a home that is attractive, functional, and efficient. The foundation of that system is to do things correctly, use good products, stand behind our homes, and back it all up with exceptional customer service. We also think you’ll be impressed with the design and craftsmanship of our homes.


Brand Promises: WE WILL…

  • WE WILL close on time with a ZERO punch list
  • We realize that moving into a new house requires a lot of work. With your closing date, we promise to close on time and with a zero punch list so that you may start enjoying your new home.
  • WE WILL stand behind our homes
  • As the builder, we see everything from dirt to drywall to décor. We stand behind not just what you can see on the outside, but everything behind the walls too.
  • WE WILL consistently offer excellent customer service
  • Whether its selecting finishes in our design center, meeting on site with our knowledgeable project managers, or going through our warranty process after move-in, we promise to do our part in providing you with the best experience possible.



Examples of the JW York Homes Difference:

Most builders don’t realize it is not enough to just put a name brand HVAC system and slap it in a home. That does not ensure energy efficiency, indoor air quality, or comfort. You have to use and install the product correctly. That HVAC has to be sized and installed correctly. The ductwork has to be sized correctly, installed tight to ensure no leaks, and not crushed or compromised. The unit has to be taken care of during construction and not filled with dust or damaged. It then needs to be started up, tested for leakage, and delivered to the home owner with clean filters. A proper home owner orientation needs to be performed to show the owner how to use and maintain the system. Then the system has to be warrantied properly in case anything does need attention in the future.

JW York Homes will always fully wrap the exterior of our homes in fiber cement materials. Many builders heavily advertise the use of fiber cement siding products to show their quality. What they are hiding is that they still use primed wood fascia, soffit, corner, and trim boards because it saves them cost on the home. Those primed wood boards may need a much higher level of maintenance in caulking and painting that many home owners are not expecting. The result is usually needing to caulk and paint every 3 to 5 years or in many cases the maintenance is deferred and the boards can end up rotting. Jared York would not build a home this way for himself or one of his family members so he would not build that way for you either. We fully wrap all of our fascia, soffit, trim, and corners in James Hardie fiber cement materials. We pair this with quality paint to provide a rot resistant exterior that requires less maintenance than wood.

Hot water anyone??? Over the years our faucets have started putting out less gallons per minute in order to reduce water consumption. The diameter and length of pipe between the hot water heater and the fixtures in the home has not changed a whole lot. What this means is it takes longer for the hot water to reach the fixture. We install re-circulation systems in most of our homes or strategically place the hot water heaters to ensure very short runs to all fixtures. This extra care means less waiting, less water use, and less wasted resources on getting hot water where you need it.

Insulation 101! J,W. York Homes partners with our areas best insulation installers. The difference of a quality insulation job and a bad one can affect the energy efficiency and the comfort of your home. Anyone can throw bats in a wall and blow fiberglass in an attic. The details often missed are caulking penetrations, foaming around doors and windows, installing blocking where needed, insulating behind tubs and fireplaces, and installing baffles correctly. At JW York Homes, our blower door tests speak for themselves. We are building some of the tightest and most comfortable homes on the market.