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Energy Efficiency

JW York Homes has been building some of the most energy efficient homes in North East Georgia since 2006.

We have worked with 3rd party energy raters to help us ensure our homes tight, efficient, and have good indoor air quality. Many of our custom homes have featured solar installations, spray foam insulation, heat pump water heaters, and Geothermal or high Seer HVAC systems. We have experience qualifying for programs such as Energy Star and Earth Craft. Many of our homes have scored less than 50 on the HERS scale.

Through our experience in building these homes we have learned to view the home as a system. This system has many parts working together to make it efficient and comfortable to live in. We take pride in sizing HVAC and ductwork correctly, insulating properly, and to simply install the products right and take care of them during construction. The results is a healthy, comfortable home with lower operating cost.

We also have upgrade options available in many of our communities to our eco package. This package includes spray foam encapsulation of attics, heat pump water heater(s), and a higher seer HVAC system.