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About Us

J.W. York Homes is a home building team located in Athens, GA that specializes in the design and construction of both custom and speculative single family homes.

Our homes exceed the typical “code built” new construction homes that most builders are currently producing.

We have developed a system for our homes that promotes energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation, and long lasting quality products. The result is a home that costs less to operate and maintain, is healthier for your family, has more sustainable characteristics, and will compete favorably with future home inventory.

We pride ourselves in our customer service from our first interviews with clients, until we hand you the keys, and beyond. We feel it is imperative to be up front about pricing, provide proper budgets and schedules for selections, and involve our clients in the process. We use an online project management software to keep our clients informed with schedules, budgets, change orders, and selections.

All of these systems combined make it easy for us to stand behind our homes 100%.


J.W. York Homes will be a leader in building the next generation of homes. These homes must not only be attractive, functional, and provide value, but they must be responsible, efficient, and friendly to the environment that we all share.

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Our Team

Jared York President

IMG_1369I have been applying a disciplined approach to building homes since starting J.W. York Homes. I have a reputation of dependability as a builder in the area and maintain strong relationships with all of my clients. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at the University of Georgia before starting my home building company. I strive to be at the leading edge of energy efficiency in my construction and pursue new techniques and strategies to improve on this with every passing project. I treat every project with equal respect from student housing to multi-million dollar homes. I believe this is the only way to truly be a successful builder. 


Kris Pittard – Selections Coordinator

Having grown up with a father who built homes, I knew I wanted to be in residential building and design at a very early age.  After having received my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the University of Georgia, I spent several years developing my skills in project management and design. My experience was gained through conceptualizing, coordinating, and executing small and large-scale events and temporary and permanent installations at schools, churches, conferences, and corporate offices.  As project coordinator with J.W. York Homes, I have the privilege of guiding clients through the selections process of finding the perfect finishes for their home while making sure those selections are made on time and on budget. It is my goal to ensure that everything comes together in such a way that the house we build becomes your dream home. I also love to get involved locally and am currently serving on the Athens Technical College Advisory Committee for Interior Design.


Joe Miehe – Purchasing Manager

IMG_1368I received my bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Southern Polytechnic State University. I have a thorough understanding of the building process and oversee materials purchasing to make sure we pass along the best price to our clients. I also manage accounting and budgets for our construction projects. While some companies will try to hide mark-ups or kick-backs, we allow you full access to our budgets and discounts, saving you money and lending you peace of mind.


Scott Scaffe – Project Manager

IMG_5497I’m always trying to improve my methods and I enjoy the relationships that are built in the process – with subcontractors and clients. Beginning my construction career in 1978, I spent several years gaining experience in all areas of framing, carpentry, and masonry and in 1986 I built my first home.  Through the ups and downs of the housing market, I have had a chance to work on all types of residential projects – from custom to production to remodeling. I have always felt a sense of achievement from looking back on a finished product. I see every day as a chance to improve methods, hone skills, and build relationships with clients and subs alike. 


Bill McQuillan – Project Manager

I have been building houses for 35 years. I received my Bachelors of Science in Construction Management from Florida International University after having already worked in the field since I was young. My favorite part about my job is when a client moves into their new home and is satisfied with the completed work. When they feel like they have a house that is not only built with quality and integrity, but also with energy efficiency, that’s when I’m most content with my work. 


CloseBuilding Green

Learn about green buildingHover over the green leaves () to learn more about green buidling components that go into J.W. York's custom built houses and how they benefit you.

Encapsulating the attic in a home with open cell foam and removing the normal attic ventilation allows for a semi conditioned attic that replicates the temperature of the conditioned area of the home. The benefit is a more comfortable home, reduced load on the air conditioning, and energy savings.
Energy Star qualified metal roofing has reflective qualities that significantly reduce heat gain on the home resulting in lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.
We use Energy Star ceiling fans and CFL light bulbs in our fixtures and offer LED recessed can lights which significantly reduce energy demand on a home and putt off less heat than standard incandescent light bulbs.
Energy Star qualified wood or vinyl windows come standard in all of our homes. With LoE2 coating on the glass and Argon gas in between panes, these efficient units allow the home to have an abundance of natural light while maximizing comfort and performance.
Our use of high efficiency air filtration systems rated at MERV 8 or 10 capture more airborne pollutants and particles than a standard 1" filter thus significantly improving the indoor air quality of your home. These 5" think filters also need to be changes less frequently and contribute to the longevity of your HVAC system.
High Efficiency 15 Seer or better electric heat pump systems come standard in our homes and are paired with programmable thermostats. Our systems and duct work are properly sized using a Manual J calculation for each individual home. The system is then third party inspected by a duct blaster test to make sure the system is tight and has minimal leakage. The combination of these efforts will ensure a comfortable, efficient, and long lasting system for our homes.
We use open cell spray foam insulation to encapsulate all of our attics and R-19 exterior wall insulation which both exceed code requirements for insulation. These items will help ensure a comfortable and efficient home.
The use of a tank-less gas water heater or a heat pump water heater can greatly reduce the cost of heating water.
Energy Star rated appliances in our homes save an average of 30% in energy cost over standard models.
Advanced framing techniques are used to put more insulation and less wood in the exterior walls of the home while maintaining structural integrity. These techniques include California corners, 2x6 exterior walls @ 24" on center, and ladder framing of exterior T-walls.
Caulking all plates, stud-to-stud gaps, foaming around windows and exterior penetrations, and properly installing house wrap lends a tight seal to all of our homes. Our homes are third party inspected upon completion with a blower door test to check for gaps and leaks.
Basements and crawlspaces are areas of the home that must be properly insulated, dehumidified, and kept free of moisture to ensure a healthy home. We properly waterproof these areas, install footing and foundation drains, and grade around the home to ensure no water will end up in or under your home. We insulate the exterior walls of both basements and crawlspaces and then introduce an HVAC air handler or heat pump water heater inside those areas to semi- condition those spaces and keep humidity under control.
Most builders are advertising and using fiber cement siding. The problem is they are using wood for their fascia, soffit, corner boards, and other trim pieces because it saves them a few hundred dollars per home. When you go back and look at their homes 3 or 4 years later; the siding looks great but the trim boards all need to be painted again. If they are not painted they start to decay and weather very poorly. At J.W. York Homes we "full wrap" our homes in fiber cement siding and trim boards. This ensures the trim and siding on your home will stay on the same maintenance cycle and will prevent costly repairs in the future.
At J.W. York Homes we are mindful of our impact on the environment. Even though we use long lasting products, advanced framing, and proper planning to reduce the amount of job site waste; a new construction home still produces a good amount of waste. We have partnered with a local waste management and recycling company that hauls off 100% of our jobsite waste. They take the waste to a facility that sorts the waste and recycles as much of it as possible. We are currently able to recycle non pressure treated lumber, block, brick, stone, asphalt shingles, metal, cardboard, plastic, drywall, and much more. These products are then reused for such purposes as soil additives, erosion control methods, or resold to help offset the cost of recycling.